Sponsor a Campaign

OTOK CREATIVE is producing a multi-part spotlight and is looking for partners to collaborate with. We are shooting these on location highlighting the cycle of tourism development & a toursist’s journey through them.

Our goal is to connect brands and locales with audiences on a more personal level while informing our viewers of the dangers and upsides of destination transformation & degredation.

It is very common for brands to collaborate with film directors or other renowned professionals to create their most outstanding content. In essence, what this type of content seeks is to tell a representative story to the viewer, with protagonists, as well as a beginning, middle and end.




A settlement is 'explored' or 'discovered' by a small number of people who later tell others about their experience. In time other people visit and local people seize upon the new economic opportunities provided by these visitors and provide services to meet the needs of these visitors or tourists.



More tourists arrive having heard about the place by word of mouth, articles in Travel Supplements in papers such as The Sunday Times, brochures or tourist guides. The extra tourists attracted by the publicity and people willing to visit somewhere new will lead to the building of new hotels, restaurants, shops and services to cater for the influx of people.



As more people visit the resort, the facilities are now fully utilised. At this stage mass tourism replaces what was once the original economic function of the settlement. This may cause some resentment with people in the town who have not benefited from the new industry or from the loss of distinct identity that the settlement held before. It may appear that the local culture is being diminished by a more international and non-unique culture compared to what may have existed before.



Popularity may be short lived. People may become bored with the resort once its initial appeal had waned. Little of the original natural environment will remain and negative comments about what it used to be like may lead people to find somewhere new to discover. The effect of falling tourism if a resort goes out of fashion leads to economic decline and the under-utilisation of tourist infrastructure. The eventual closure of some of the businesses will lead to a rise in 

Decline Or Rejuvenation

The tourist resort then has two options; either go into decline or rejuvenate and develop more sustainable strategies based upon lower visitor numbers.