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Otok Creative takes the mystery out of Social Media for brands by focusing our energies on the intersection of consumer behaviors and emerging platforms. We breathe the technology that enables social media and constantly build useful things with it. We understand what drives peope to talk about a brand and capture attention with programs worth sharing. What we don’t do is post content on social platforms because everyone else is doing it. Every piece of content we design is to serve a purpose whether entertaining, educational, inspirational or informative.

We produce platform specific strategies, management and content including editorial, video and imagery. Discovery is constant, desire is instant and content doesnt’t just inspire, it sells. We help brands to connect content to commerce across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube.

Micro-Content Studio: If you’ve been on the Internet lately you’ve probably noticed that nearly everything has a photo or video or animation or inspirational quote with it. That’s awesome for brands because when you post great content, people share it like crazy (or quietly, depending on the day). The frustrating bit is that nobody has money to treat content they’re creating just for Facebook like they would for a TV ad where everything needs to be perfect.

The solution is OTOK LABS. It’s a team of super talented art directors, copywriters, filmmakers and producers who have loads of ideas and think its fun to make things quickly and without huge price tags. The result is beautiful content made just for social platforms that works hard for your brand without being hard on your budget.